August 3, 2005

Well, after kicking around #151 (Yvonne – eventually the alphabet idea is going to bite me in the ass [say, Q, or W, or something], but at least it’s making me use a variety of names) for a while to get it started and out of my head, I’ve drifted back to Veronica (#140) the past day or so. I suppose calling it Veronica is deceptive at this point, since it’s all from Nathaniel’s point of view, and I’ve resisted occasional ideas that would have broken to an external point of view. Not that it would have really hurt things, but I’m trying to keep it within what he sees & thinks & knows.

I’m up to Feet of Clay in getting through the Discworld books. I’ve read more this summer than in the past… eh, five or six years; it’s more a time issue than anything else. Besides Pratchett, though, I’ve just read Seabiscuit. (I wasn’t actually intending to read it yet, since I’m in the middle of a series, but when I got a new bookshelf and was reorganizing the non-fiction, I started reading it and couldn’t put it down. Yeah, I’m a horse book addict. And it’s a really well-written, engaging book.) I’m not sure where I’ll go after I run out of the Pratchett backlog, but we’ve got a ton of Orson Scott Card, R. A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks, and, you know, that Wheel of Time thing that I haven’t gotten around to yet. I’m not sure any of it’s going to be as good as Pratchett, though…

And, for the chatties, the extended list of favorites from my music collection… (For the non-gamers, the ‘FF’ in FF7/FFX/FFX2 is ‘Final Fantasy’ – I have game soundtracks, heh.)

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