June 16, 2007

Started something off a dream from a couple days ago. Not sure if it’s going anywhere yet, but I think I spend way too much time thinking about stuff anymore without ever getting it on paper. (I have at least two fairly well-developed ideas that haven’t gotten out of my head yet.) So I’m trying to get stuff onto paper more again.

Updated the works list. I went and declared some stuff dead back in May. Also, that reworking of some characters from Xyryx that I started back in April is a little past 50 pages now, so I figured I should update the page numbers for things. I also realized when I was reading through some stuff in May that I had pretty much finished Scribe (#93) – it’s one of my favorites, though like always, that will probably change in five years. I still remember where I came up with the idea for it – going down the stairs in Draper hall when I was doing my work-study there my sophomore year. I love the stairs in Draper. Anywho, now I just need to type it.

I’ve been working on Rose a bit again – another one I really like.

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