Oh, look, a blog…

Ok, so I added a blog to this site, too.  I feel kind of guilty about this site’s lack of updates – it was a birthday present, and then after a while I realized that throwing everything out in the open on the web probably wasn’t a good idea (damn you, Google!), so I got my public site (kebrent.com), and this one got no-roboted.  For the most part it doesn’t pop up in Google, so hopefully I can post all the miscellaneous opinionated stuff I think about without it showing up front and center and tied to me, in case of random Googling potential employer biases.  Not that it seems like I really need to worry about it – the vast majority of the hits on my name are for some woman who died in the 1600s (damn you, Ancestry.com). 😛

Anyway, I’ve been good about using the other blog for stuff that I don’t care if anyone sees (tech exploration, WoW stuff, books, etc.), so hopefully I’ll be able to use this one similarly, but for more controversial topics.  You know, like my waffling about candidates for the Democratic nomination.  Stuff like that.

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