July 13, 2008

A couple weeks ago I finished typing what’s written of #140, intending to continue working on it on the computer (or my phone, since I can write on my phone now!), but somehow I’ve ended up working on the revision of, ahem, #1 that I started four years ago… about when I did the first revision of the site into this layout. For some reason working on the site intesively for two or three days made me want to read through it again.

I’m in the middle of Chapter 8; I’m not sure if I’ll start working on revising the three that follow afterwards, or if I’ll work on the one before it. If I do the subsequent parts first, I’ll probably have to go back to them after doing the previous one, to fix any continuity I break. I suppose that’s not the end of the world. The three subsequent parts are fully written, so it’s just a matter of reading through them again and then rewriting them. The revision of The Ringbearer has already, well, broken continuity for those in several ways.

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