January 7, 2004

Well, as usual, I’ve drifted into writing other things; the good part of it is that the current piece is going really well. Better than I initially thought it would. As long as I don’t forget everything I want to put into it, it should turn out pretty good.

The piece I’m currently working on is flagged “Rose” right now — whether it will keep that as its title or not, I don’t know; I have difficulty coming up with titles. It’s set in one of those generic Medieval/Renaissance time periods I seem to end up in, since it lets the characters push the normal gender boundaries and whatnot, as well as allowing for more horses and swordplay, since, let’s face it, swordplay is generally more interesting than target shooting. And beyond that… well, I’m not particularly good at summarizing anything, much less something that’s taken me 72 pages to get to roughly the half-way point.

Other stuff I’ve recently put thought into… That genetic engineering story I started back in June of 1997… Well, I’ve figured out some of the actual science fiction parts of it. I started completely rewriting it in 2000, and I’ve a much better idea of how it’s going to work out.

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