October 8, 2005

Mostly been working on #151 (Yvonne) for the past while. What with school and work having started, I’ve been busier again. Read through #78 (Arena) a couple days ago… I like a lot of what I’ve got there, though I don’t really have anything to add at the moment. #50 (Quests), on the other hand, has a lot of the painful high-school-era stuff in it… I like the general plot, etc., and Fuller has always been one of my favorite dragons, but it’s one of the ones I should probably start from scratch if I ever get around to it.

I haven’t started anything new since June, which I suppose isn’t bad, given how much I have started already, and I want to resume the scanning project so that I can burn backup CDs. I did go through my multiple folders and consolidate stuff into a 7-pocket folder file thing, and I went through the various ideas I hadn’t used yet and put them all in one bound notebook thing. So at least I just have the stuff I’m working on in my ratdog folder now. And I’m still carrying around Veronica (#140), heh.

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