November 26, 2005

I’ve been skipping around stuff again… been writing some on #140 (Veronica), read through #130 again (I need to finish it really… should take me maybe twelve pages), read through #150 (Tibs), #57 (hm… that one’s marked dead… oh well), and still working on #151 some. I’m not sure I’ll actually start anything else before the year ends, which will give me a new yearly low for number of stories started – 2000 only had 5. Well, unless you count ’94, which is the first year on the list. School has sucked up time this fall, and I’ve devoted a lot of thought to both #140 & #151. This isn’t to say I don’t still have ideas off and on, but hey, it would be nice to finish stuff more regularly.

I’ll try to update the page number thingy (and in my database, heh) soon.

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