June 29, 2006

Yeah, I should have done this one two days ago… Anyway…

Book 3/12: Lord Brocktree by Brian Jacques; New York: Ace Books, 2000; 345 pages; ISBN 0441008720.

This is the first of probably several Redwall books, since I’m like, 6 behind or something at this point. Lord Brocktree is, if you’re a follower of the series and remember, the grandfather of the badger in Mossflower. This book tells the story of how he became lord of Salamandastron, and about the hare maid, Dotti, who would become one of the first officers of the Long Patrol. It’s not a bad read – not Jacques’s best Redwall book (I’m partial to the first few, I suppose, especially Mossflower and Martin the Warrior), but still enjoyable and engaging. The character of Dotti provided much entertainment, especially the “Cora” moment (which is, sadly, an inside joke, which only my D&D group would get). Given the time frame of the story, there are many little references to “future” events from past books, mostly Mossflower ones. If you’re not a reader of the series, this probably isn’t the first book in it I would send you to (the Pratchett books is the same way, actually – if you want to start on Pratchett, I’d probably send you to Guards! Guards! or Small Gods first if you didn’t want to read the series in order); if you want to start out in the Redwall books, I’d probably suggest you start at either Redwall or Mossflower.

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