April 4, 2007

So the other night I was transferring the stalled webcomic over here (it’s here now) and updating the works list, and I ended up going through and reading half a dozen things (#100, #108, #124, #144, #145, #146 – hey, it really was a half dozen…). So after going through the three channeler ones (100/108/124) I realized that version 3 would be better if I didn’t go off on a second, tangential plot and instead more succinctly wrapped up the storyline that it had been going through for the first 50-some pages. So I’ve started working on it again from page 56. I was shocked when I read through the first twenty-some pages of it… I didn’t remember it being that good, mostly in the characters. Maybe it’s just me. >.< Unfortunately it’s neither typed nor scanned, so getting a second opinion on it is going to have to wait till this semester is over.

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