April 20, 2007

So I installed WordPress’s blog software… the linky is in the menu at the left. (You know, the one that says blog.) I mostly wanted to play around with the software. I’ll probably completely take the forums down at some point, since I think the blog software may be more… Continue reading

April 4, 2007

So the other night I was transferring the stalled webcomic over here (it’s here now) and updating the works list, and I ended up going through and reading half a dozen things (#100, #108, #124, #144, #145, #146 – hey, it really was a half dozen…). So after going through… Continue reading

March 23, 2007

Rearranged the menu a little. Debating if it’s time to tweak the site design again yet (this is its second incarnation). Hopefully I’ll be done with the history master’s this semester and I won’t feel guilty spending time writing instead of reading the stuff on my comps lists. Every time… Continue reading

January 15, 2007

Yeah, didn’t mean to leave this empty for six months. Whoops. Been working on an alternate take of a couple of the characters from Xyryx. Still working on Veronica & Yvonne and whatnot.

July 30, 2006

Books 15-16/12: Fruits Basket, v. 11-12 by Natsuki Takaya; Los Angeles: Tokyopop, 2004-; ISBN v. 11 1595324062, v. 12 1595324070. Not a ton to add for volumes 11 &12 – you get introduced more fully to the last two members of the Zodiac, as well as the head of the… Continue reading