March 23, 2005

In one of those “want to write, don’t know what to write on” stages… happens every couple months. The aforementioned rewrite is going okay, though I also started another piece closer to the original idea I had for #147 (and in reality, much different from how that turned out). So I’m giving that a rest right now and went back and read a bit of #105, and I may kick that around for a while. We’ll see.

Going to try to get the workslist to work off the database, but that may take me a bit to figure out.

Update – about an hour later, heh. It’s not perfect, and it’ll be a bit before I’ve got the titles linked (in concept it’s easy – if I do them *all*…), so I’m leaving them both up. I need to have concatenated date fields, I think, if I want them to display easily. Meh.

Update – five minutes later. Apparently the site doesn’t do ASP. Bleh. And here I was hoping I could skirt learning anything about Perl yet. Maybe later. (That, or it’s the fact that it’s an Access database… maybe I can do it later with a MySQL database, if I can find out the info I need to plug in for that.) But it works on my own system’s little internal web server. 😛 Ah, well.

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