June 22, 2005

Minor site updates… moved stuff to the news archive, tweaked the forums, updated the list & abstracts a little.

I’ve got probably about 5 pages worth of stuff for Veronica thought out, and I just haven’t gotten it on paper. Instead, I worked at little on #149; read through #100 (the first Channeler one – have some ideas for it, I think); and have been thinking on #93, which I think I finally know how I’m going to end.

Oh, and I *finally* came up with a retort to the line I got stuck on in the rewrite of #6 (#148) about two months ago. Probably a good thing I don’t have to come up with witty ripostes in normal conversation…

Had another idea today… don’t know if I’m going to do anything with it yet, since I’ve been sort of bouncing between works recently, but I might get the first couple pages down just so I don’t forget it. It’s probably not a good thing for me to be driving down a relatively busy street and start coming up with dialogue for a car chase, though. Better than when I was doing dogfight scenarios (you know, the fighter plane type) while driving on the highway, I suppose. (… in my head. I don’t think my car would hold up to something like that.)

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