August 9, 2005

Dook! ^^ Wittle tiny ratdog icon! I’m such a dork. 😛 (In the address bar, if that was too arcane to decipher, heh.)

Anywho, I pulled out #149 to peruse while I was flying from… I think it was Ironforge to the Hinterlands (uh… I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since Easter… not sure I’ve mentioned that here before) and I ended up fiddling with it again. Not sure if it’s ever going to smooth out, since the parts I want to write out are about three years in the story from where I started it, and I’m not sure anything between the story then and now are interesting enough to slog through.

Oh, and my CD burner is dead. Blah. CDs are my main backup for anything besides what’s on the raid array, and I want to make a new disc for my car, since I’ve had the current one in since February.

Almost done with Hogfather. If I get up to Carpe Jugulum before new Waldenbooks coupons come out, I’m going to have to either get the next one at the gaming store where we play D&D or pay full price at a chain. Sigh.

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